Municipality of Lezhë

Our sister company EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG published an Unsolicited Proposal on the way to realize one of the biggest projects, the north of Albania will see:

At April 04th, 2016 we made a so named "Unsolicited Proposal" to the Municipality of Lezhë in the north of Albania following the Albanian law to take over land and to cooperate with the government or their authorities. This Unsolicited Proposal will be checked from the Municipality and than to be given to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment to start the negotiations about a public-private contract. Each step we will publish here and in a lot of other public sides following the International Regulates of Transparency to be protected against corruption and business spying.

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Demeter Development ist eingebunden in ein ständig grösser werdendes Netz von Kooperationen. Durch die Mehrheitsgesellschafterin IMS Group bestehen seit vielen Jahren internationale Kontakte zu Exporteuren und Importeuren in Italien, Polen, Deutschland und der Schweiz. Diese Erfahrungen werden zum Nutzen und Gelingen der Reformen und Projekte eingesetzt. Und durch die deutsche Gesellschafterin ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG und deren Einbindung in die Unternehmensgruppe Angels Association Wealth & Welfare hat Demeter Development direkten Zugriff auf die Kompetenz aus 36 Jahren internationaler Projektarbeit in den Bereichen Green Energy, Infrastruktur, Financial Engineering und Projektentwicklung.

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Joint Ventures

Demeter Development is part of an expanding network of partnerships. By majority shareholder IMS Group existed for many years international contacts to exporters and importers in Italy, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. These experiences will be used for the benefit and success of the reforms and projects. And by the German partner ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG and their integration into the group Angels Association Wealth & Welfare Demeter Development has direct access to the expertise of 36 years of international project work in the field of Green Energy, infrastructure, financial engineering and project development.

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