Joint Ventures

Demeter Development is part of an expanding network of partnerships. By majority shareholder IMS Group existed for many years international contacts to exporters and importers in Italy, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. These experiences will be used for the benefit and success of the reforms and projects. And by the German partner ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG and their integration into the group Angels Association Wealth & Welfare Demeter Development has direct access to the expertise of 36 years of international project work in the field of Green Energy, infrastructure, financial engineering and project development.

In Albania Demeter Development cooperates also with the four Albanian subsidiaries of ACRE. Under the label Angels Association Albania, these include the Deutsche Energy Holding Sh.p.k. with the business purpose of the establishment of decentralized energy supply and the Deutsche Zertifizierung Sh.p.k. with specialization in certification according to ISO standards for business enterprises, commercial companies, educational institutions and agriculture. Complete this select group is by the Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k. which in northern Albania now brings into operation to EU Standard factories for the production of high-quality end products of herbs as well as the Deutsche Agrar Holding Sh.p.k. whose emphasis on biomass production, plant cultivation and investment in agricultural technology lies. There are good contacts with the Ministry of Economiy and numerous Albanian entrepreneurs whose focus is on quality assurance, quality management, export and training in all these areas.

But Demeter Development is also a founding member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Gateway Albania, the only Albanian advocacy for exporters. So take Demeter Development decisively influence the orientation of the Gateway Albania by should also take into account the problems of Albanian exports and alleviate these problems privately funded reforms of Demeter Development always. Collaborations of Demeter Development therefore always mean the linking of economic interests for the benefit of an economic development that will ultimately come to the citizens very directly benefit. Entrepreneurs and companies are therefore cordially invited to become a member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Gateway Albania to further strengthen this lobby and on the basis together with Demeter Development
to form a transparent, politically independent, economically lucrative and directed to the welfare of citizens reform movement.