Corporate Social Responsibility

Incidentally, we see ourselves as instructed to call for the so-called Old Values ​​and to promote them. These include in particular loyalty, honesty, respect, courage and honor. We urgently need a return to the Old Values: Almost all social systems are attacked in the superficial world or already in a desolate, no longer working order. Wherever we look, there are problems that can not be solved by governments and certainly not through revolutions or the like.

Youth unemployment continues to grow and causes medium and long term other problems in education, the tax system and in the social pension. Unemployment is steadily increasing, creating further difficulties in the field of social care, education and the maintenance of values. Incredibly, many families have already a second generation of addicts of social systems. The financial system with the basis of interest-rate-system collapses slowly but surely.

Many important resources of our planet are exploited, new technological challenges bring temporary solutions, this rule can not, however, be rebuilt in the variety that unemployment curbed or obtain values ​​or again. The pollution is constantly increasing, companies go their core competence by: The concentration of power and influence. Societal norms diminish, Old Values ​​no longer seem desirable. Assets are destroyed, child poverty is hardly noticed, ruthlessness is web breaks in all conceivable areas. Families dissolve, communities are marginalized. The Dance on the Volcano has begun.

What does that mean for us all? Give up and leave everything to fate so-called? Ignore and let the others do? Stuck a standstill and its head in the sand? No and no. This perceived by many people incredible era is a great opportunity for all of us, ourselves, the world, the mysteries and the values ​​to rediscover. We are all able us to create "islands" on which and from which we can live. It also means the possibility of us join communities that promote the free will of the people and not constrict. It means the opportunity now and right now to leave the beaten track and to try something new and create. If not now, when? Now is the time for new ideas, for new energy, for courage. Now we must unite together and realize our ideas. Let us create a new world, a better world, a harmonized world of islands and peninsulas!