Our Mission in Albania

Demeter Development is a joint venture between Albanian and German entrepreneurs. Here 60% of the shares are held by Albanian companies and private individuals, while the German side has 40% stake. For this circumstance, it is seen that Demeter Development stay for Albania. Our company has made it its main task to strengthen the Albanian economy by addressing three main tasks. First, be brought by intensive cooperation with enterprises and entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland funds and know-how in our country.

Second, our company will realize on this basis different projects, which are intended to replace a lack of political reforms. These projects are companies with far-reaching economic and social impacts, their formation and realization from the very beginning made transparent and professionally communicated to a broad public.

Our shareholders, our management and our partners are of the opinion that the Albanian economy and Albanian society has a right to transparent design comprehensive economic developments. That is why we have, thirdly, the task of living a new economic ethics. Our projects and our activities are therefore always communicated transparently, always include economic sustainability, consider extensively the protection of nature and the environment, generating profits in the region for the region, obtain skilled jobs for the benefit of employees and partners, support healthy social structures and allow a civilized society structure in which the individual is important and will be taken seriously.

Demeter Development finds based on excellent analytics social, economical and political mistakes in Albania. These mistakes should be stopped or negated by reforms. Generally such reforms should be implemented purely with private enterprises. The policy is to eventually create missing framework or adapt existing conditions by professional arguments or public pressure. Demeter Development be bought political independence through economical international independence and the purely private financing of such reforms. Demeter Development is immum against corruption, because every step of the project and all political or other reactions are published publicly through media partnerships.

Demeter Development has also emerged from the consideration out that the bourgeoisie and the so-called Old Values ​​of the superficiality of the increasingly hectic time covered and necessary values ​​are sacrificed an uninhibited economic development. It was time for responsible companies, socio-politically active people and ecologically and ethically valuable projects and initiatives to unite. The society, politics and especially the economy have undergone a change, which resulted in its entirety to a decline of values ​​and increasingly collapsing systems. Since an individual can not save the whole world and because groups are not capable of any one particular practice to prescribe any one specific political, social, religious or economic ethics, Demeter Development has focused on two issues: implementation economically necessary structural changes and introduction of a new economic ethics.