Ministry of Agriculture

January 20th, 2016
Unsolicited proposal given to the Ministry of Economics regarding the macro-economic system relevant project National Agriculture and Food Industry Quality Management System (NAF)

February 03rd, 2016
ATRAKO gave us the protokol-number 44/1 and confirmed the next steps

ATRAKO inforned the Ministry of Agriculture, that they are the leading ministry

March 15th, 2016
We reminded the Ministry of Agriculture, Minister Panariti himself, that he has following the law to nominate us the contact point inside his ministry that we are able to proceed.

April 01st, 2016
Two months after the Ministry of Agriculture knows about this very important project and the Unsolicited Proposal and that his Ministry is the responsible and leading ministry for the progress of this project we have NO answers, also NO answer from Minister Panariti, who is informed since six weeks.