Non-governmental Organization

Gateway Albania is an NGO founded in Tirana. For positioning the Gateway Albania in the Albanian systems, it is important to explain what is a NGO exactly: First, there is a civil society association come into existence. Here an association of exporters. The English term Non-Governmental Organization was once of the United Nations (UN) introduced in order to demarcate civil society representatives, who participate in the political processes of the United Nations by government representatives.

Non-Governmental here means "independent of state" and "independent of government". Today the term is used by and for non-governmental organizations who are committed to social and environmental policy in particular, but also macro economical. Gateway Albania was founded among others by Demeter Development, because the Albanian exports suffers from many bad conditions. These bad conditions are partly the fault of the company itself, if they do not be conform to international developments, continuing neglect or ignore quality standards. Some of these conditions are also bad because loans are granted to extremely poor conditions: the misguided monetary policy in Albania and thus urgently needed investment can not or only to low-quality conditions conducted. A large proportion of the bad conditions but have political leaders who strongly not tackle the necessary reforms in some cases for many years and for very different reasons - to the detriment of the export sector, which is not even allowed to export honey to the EU.

And these poor conditions Gateway Albania will improve together with the members of the organization. Gateway Albania is open to all entrepreneurs and companies which carry out export, which will  exporting goods and services or are an importer on the other side of the trade. All members are extensive information available in order to recognize international standards, rights and responsibilities and to act accordingly. In individual interviews and in informal discussion groups Gateway Albania informed the members about the risks, opportunities and possibilities of the business and economic development, through educational measures and international cooperation. To alleviate the mismanagement in the area of lending, Gateway Albania establishes contacts with international donors and partners interested participation. Financial engineering, preparation of business plans and guidance on important negotiations are more services available from Gateway Albania to its members. And finally takes Gateway Albania to the concerns and suggestions of the members in order to obtain a change of conditions by pressure on governments and professional lobbying. In Albania, more than 20,000 companies and traders are charged directly and indirectly dependent on exports or by expensive imports. These entrepreneurs are Gateway Albania now a mighty voice.

President of Gateway Albania is in the next five years Rolf Neuendorf, CEO of Angels Association Wealth & Welfare and the engine of the new business ethics for Albania. Managing Director and expressly responsible for acquisition of members is Bertila Kola, CEO of Demeter Development. General Secretary and thus responsible for lobbying is Alban Zusi, entrepreneur from Lezha. Discussion groups about business ethics, export issues, quality management and financial engineering are together organized nationwide to convince more and more entrepreneurs from the need for a strong lobby