Kind of Business Angel

Normally Business Angels are high net worth individuals in contrary to Venture Capital Companies, which has only the business purpose to invest and to exit after few years. The investment companies of Angels Association Global and their Albanian daughter network Angels Association Albania is a mixture of both: Investing into each phase of the business as like early stage, risky situations or expansion, but as a long-term partnership and a direct personal connection as consultant and coach inside the common company. The normal quote of failing by investment is 1:10 - means, from ten investments six will die into the first six months, three will be alive but nobody knows, why and only one investment will be alive more than three years and making all partners glad - but also this single company must earn enough money to compensate the other nine failed investments. And thats the problem.

That is one important reason for us to work as Business Angel, but not as this old-man-has-money-and-needs-to-play-the-godfather-of-young-guys  we are working professional, fresh, fast, target orientated, unclompicated and out of the old networks independently. Through the combination of investment and coaching from our side to our new partner, the quotation of fail is quit different: Per example in Germany our average quotation is 7 : 10, which means thart after three years seven of ten investments are still alive and we restly can talk about long-term investments and partnerships, which is the base for a healthy development of a new company or a company after solving the problems of a risky situation. Your new or refreshed company is pampered by our money, our business management and ownership experience, several skills and a huge figure of international contacts. And by the way: we are not a one-man-show, so our experience is really big.