Business Angels Albania

Angels Association Global has a lot of experience as Venture Capital Company in several countries. One reason of the expansion of the group worldwide was and still is to cooperate, to set up joint ventures and to finance young companies or entrepreneurs entering the sea of sharks, named StartUp-Market. To do the right decisions of investment one important step was to expand the wide range of consulting services of several companies of the group and to have special interest companies to consult startup companies and later, after the first investment in that new company to take care of the owner and our investment to educate them, to train them and to be on his or her side. We were one of the first so-called Business Angels and doing that business in several countries until today.

After we set up the first own companies in Albania we had a look of the poor scene in Albania and decided to start our activities also in Albania - following our own rules, independent from banks and organizations, not being part of these very important meetings, conferences and events for young entrepreneurs, but to offer experience and money in individual negotiations, face to face. Business has its own rules, its own language - don't believe that: business has to be done between humans, which has the same language, the same targets, a common level of understanding. If you agree, join us and ask for a partnership. We are your potential partner inside the non-governmental organization Gateway Albania in particular for all business ideas around production and export and we are your potential partner inside the for-profit company Demeter Development. Both companies are located in Tirana, inside Albania - there you have to find your partners to start and than to join the European market together with us, if you want.