Alliance News

Demeter Development is member of several social media groups and networks. Supporting ideas and communicate problems or projects you ever need the connection to social networks into this period of information. This is to use the power of the people - after you informed them about the pro and contras of a subject. Anyway, Demeter Development is using the membership into the German entity "Das Bündnis", which is hardly working for the rights of citizens, supporting companies and projects in Germany and around. So we are using their Google+ page with generally interesting themes around politics, environment, society. This page has more than 18.000 views per year. Also we are connected to several friend groups into the social network Facebook, in additional located with an own group with more than 1.000 people.

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Alliance Video Channel

Demeter Development is promoting and supporting the video-channel of our German partners. There are more and more videos published showing mismanagement, corruption but also a lot of interesting themes around society, education, environment and projects. Have a look, enjoy, think and act.