Alliance News

Demeter Development is member of several social media groups and networks. Supporting ideas and communicate problems or projects you ever need the connection to social networks into this period of information. This is to use the power of the people - after you informed them about the pro and contras of a subject. Anyway, Demeter Development is using the membership into the German entity "Das Bündnis", which is hardly working for the rights of citizens, supporting companies and projects in Germany and around. So we are using their Google+ page with generally interesting themes around politics, environment, society. This page has more than 18.000 views per year. Also we are connected to several friend groups into the social network Facebook, in additional located with an own group with more than 1.000 people.

By Facebook we have more than 22.000 active members into the groups we are administrating. In additional there are several other groups in other social networks like Xing and LinkedIn with more than 2.500 members and websites with more than 2.000 followers. All over all it means, that each article we are publishing we will reach more than 25.000 people directly and focussed of the theme.

To inform our members we are able to write articles into the social networks or by sending newsletter. We are able to promote interesting themes and ideas - and this is the base for our Albanian activities when we are talking about to inform the citizens, to explain ideas in the public, to have transparency by public projects. On this base we are creating media partnerships in Albania to use transparency as weapon against corruption and incompetence, also to show the citizens, that they are not allone with their needs.

In additional to both we are engaged in worldwide communties like AVAAZ, if our projects or our company needs a real campaign. AVAAZ is the campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision-making worldwide. This group has 42.900.000 members worldwide and some of our shareholders are supporting them since 2008. Power to the people is the way to be protected against corruption and black economy. Thats, by the way, one reason for our company to be one of the founders of the non-governmental organization Gateway Albania, the only advocacy of Albanian exporters.