Albanian PPP

Were in Albania and are awarded concessions for years that will summarized from ignorance or from mischief under the concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP). The Albanian law on concessions is an adaptation of various options and, unfortunately, a mix of legal concepts that do not fit into the usual international practice. Together with scandals and corruption of this internationally recognized system of PPP in Albania a very bad reputation and hampered the economic development potential of the country.

When you talk in Albania of concessions, then one thinks actually, among other things, this type of licensing. When speaking as a foreign investor of PPP, so proposes an immediate violence against the egalitarianism and gets explained that PPP is synonymous with corruption. This discourages foreign investment.

This negative image in the eyes of the Albanian population is certainly a small part to economic or legal ignorance. To a large extent, but also to the fact that corruption caused by contracts or just could be hindered in the making nor from which it could no contest, their tendering procedures were opaque or whose implementation meant a sell-off of state property or an additional burden on the citizen. The negative image in the eyes of potential investors is motivated by cases of corruption and the public rejection of such projects. But also the fact that the implementation of such projects is by no means transparent, and that applicable in spite of the law. A potential investor quick are any private law (!) masterplans purposed, some of which are contrary to applicable law. Or it is played by doing delays over delays of the part of policy makers at the time, until the legally operating entrepreneurs opting for another investment land. Partly regulations are not comprehensible interpreted differently and overall information policy is unacceptable, both for the citizens, as well as for entrepreneurs.

The legislator is asked to draw up clear rules for the implementation of such laws that meet international standards. Compliance with these rules must be sustainably controlled. It must be created an independent institution to which the citizens and especially the potential investor can turn in good time. The current legislation is in the eyes of legally operating entrepreneurs simply a joke. And the whole process must be carried out transparently and publicly. In key economic projects, citizens must be informed extensively before signing a contract. The tender procedures must be comprehensible.

Only under these conditions can be carried out as a PPP which, for this system is intended: The private-sector financing of state tasks to burden financially without a citizen, but only the users of the corresponding project. This system can then be a serious form of financing of the state, so that it will function adequately -
but only if the contract conditions the state (and thus the citizens!) do not discriminate. Therefore Demeter Development is committed to adapting the laws to international standards, for the decision of a single implementing regulation, the creation of an independent judicial body for cases of conflict and especially for an extensive transparency of activities and a layman have understandable information for citizens before signing a contract. This PPP promote the economy, relieve the state and not discriminate or burden the citizens.